The Reno Air Races served as the host event for the National Aviation Heritage Invitational (NAHI) from its inception until 2015. NAHI utilized approximately 100,000 square feet of ramp space at Stead Field each year to host their annual competition.

The National Championship Air Races (Reno Air Races) is the last event of its kind, carrying on the tradition of the Cleveland Air Races of the 1920's, 30's and 40's. In 1964 Bill Stead organized an air race near Reno, Nevada and the Reno Air Races were born. The event that Bill Stead started in the Nevada desert more than 50 years ago is still in existence today. The event has only been interrupted once in September of 2001 when all of the aircraft in the United States were grounded following the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, DC.

The Reno Air Races served as the host organization for NAHI until 2015, when it was decided that additional ramp space was required to accommodate the growing number of aircraft applying to compete in the annual NAHI competition.

Beginning in 2017, NAHI will be relocating its annual event to the California Capital Airshow located at Mather Field in Sacramento, California, which offers nearly unlimited ramp space and is expected to meet NAHI's space and support requirements for many years to come.

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